Make Way!

by Poor Eve

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released July 7, 2007

Recorded, mixed, & mastered by Mike Bridgett at Hamilton Road Studios.



all rights reserved


Poor Eve Waldorf, Maryland

3 girls, one guy, big sound.
Do you want music that can get your blood pumping, veins popping, & heart throbbing?
Do you enjoy heavy guitars, sick bass lines, & no nonsense beats?
What if we threw in some raging vocals, & harmonic chicanery?
Is that enough to hit all of your major music arteries?
Add a D.I.Y ethic, & an all-around passion for playing music for the people & you’ve got POOR EVE.
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Track Name: Make Way!
I wander through the chaos
Through the rivers, the rivers so deep deep down
In the black holes, punched through the ozone
I found you waiting

It's all right there's sunlight
There's sunlight, there's still time
It's all right, it's the high life

Like the driftwood I wash up on your shore
Below the cliffside, the cliffs they run steep steep steep
Race through the fire, at your back door
I found you waiting

It's all right there's sunlight
There's sunlight, there's still time
It's all right, it's the high life

Make way for the brand new light yeah
Make way for the hurricane child
Watch you collapse, son of a death trap
Make way for the brand new light yeah

How the waters, how they're rising
Mothers grab your children there's no time for rest now
There's a killer, he's quite the sinner
Underneath your skin that's where I found him waiting

I found the synergy working beneath my skin
I found the energy, the energy within

I wander through the chaos
I wander until I find you there
Track Name: The Ark
I'm fighting back the flood
The waves are rolling in
The dam has just collapsed
My fear is sinking in
I've looked on every bright side
To see that I can't win

I am the siren leading you to shore
I am the burning fault line that caves you in
Be forever burdened
Be forever mine
I'll trap you in my crosshairs
The tide will sweep you in

Dirty tricks, and guilt
They come in pairs of two
At this time excuse me for sins I never knew
Hit the floodlights this time
We'll leave the rest behind
Track Name: Conversations With Land and Sea
A quintessential part of life
Born inhuman, showing gills
It's a wonder you can't fly
From fornication factory
A birth relation, keep it clean
The air is thick too thick to breathe

Oh I've reached nightfall
Hook, line, sinker

Run hero run
Save the day
Fly hero fly
Save the day

Clip my sea-born wings it's fine
I'll get there faster, double time
Without the guilt to hold me back
Inanimate beneath this shell
Just keep talking, might as well
No pearls to steal, no rich man here
Track Name: Dying Wish
Three cheers for your dying wish
Your toxin that melts your skin away
And I shouldn't let you go

I'm falling fast in my dead heat nightmare
On a grey sky day
Dead set on a crazed confusion
How did we get this way?

Remember good times we missed?
Remember how hard you fell?
They took that away from us
They took you away

White noise ringing notes of destruction
Disease and incompletion
They found a criminal beneath your skin
Just waiting to play
Track Name: Shout
Twenty questions I'm breathless
Held under too long
A vision of a goddess
Heartbeat lost within
Well I'm gone

Why do you have to make me shout?
And when the dust has cleared I'll leave you

Break free from the silence
A war I will win
I run from these footsteps
I'll never forget
That I'm gone

Why do you have to make me shout?
And when the dust has cleared you'll leave me

Confinement is useless
i'll only escape
To the land of my freedom
To a brave new world

There's trouble in paradise
Tear down these walls
Exposed to the weakness
I told you all along

Tear down the fortress, build our walls
These tattered lines that we can't cross
Track Name: Beautiful Insomnia
Every night I look in my mirror
Seeing myself lying awake
Every hour passes by
I'm still not tired thinking of you

More natural than sleeping
All of these feelings that I get
Missing you

Every minute passes by and I can't stand it
Still missing you
Every hour passes by and I can't stand it
Still missing you
Every day, every week, and I can't stand it
Still missing you

My silent eyes still feeling the minutes
Where is this feeling coming from
Caught me from behind one beautiful morning
Why do I love you?
I don't know
Track Name: Harsh Light of Day
I lie beneath bed-ridden sheets
With the cold to comfort me
With the ether on my back
The reaper is breathing down my neck

I'll disappear
Because I'm not real
I'll turn the other way
From the harsh light of day

Space and time resemble lies
Innocent people pass me by
With the clouds as thick as ice
The blackest skies the blackest nights

Stale evening air keeps me inside
I'd rather die than let you in my life
Track Name: Your Majesty
Knock the queen right off her shelf
Waste away from modern health
Don't let the victims victimize you
Staged disaster at your door
Critics screaming out for more
Watch this wicked web they weave

That feeling of euphoria
It washes over you
You've found the faith
You're not quick to let go
This feeling takes no prisoners
Don't let it take control

Where's justice?
You won't even scratch the surface

New low, you've reached
Considering you're far from grace
You're not too far from home

You met your match at the starting line
A devil in disguise
Your reign is over
She's quick to take your throne
This queen in a not-so-glamorous guise
Won't let you take control

Take your shrine, make it mine
Take your crown, take your pride